How do I rent?

self-portrait dress for rent

After the Event

after the event

1. Explore: Search our collection for the right dress, shoes or accessories.
2. Rent: Once you've chosen the perfect outfit, add each item to your cart. Add the date of the event in the special instructions and place the order.
3. Delivery: On the set date - you receive the order at least one day before the event, you receive the products at your home, in perfect condition to be worn, or you can pick them up directly from Iulius Mall Cluj or from our showroom in Cluj (by appointment).
We offer the option of refund or exchange with other products, if the rented size does not fit.
4. Return: After the event, return the products to the Outfitflows box. Place the Outfitflows box in the courier package and show the courier the AWB I provided via email to scan. No need to print it. We provide this awb one day before the return date.