Rental agreement

Rental agreement

This "Agreement" contains all the terms and conditions applicable to renting products from OUTFITFLOWS through our Website or Store.

  1. General conditions
  2. Rental price, Advance payment, Guarantee, Payment methods, Duration of rental, Cancellations
  3. Our obligations to you
  4. Your obligations to us
  5. 5. Access to services. Customer account
  6. Other clauses

This "Agreement" represents the contract between you ("Customer") and OUTFITFLOWS ("Store", "We"). The agreement establishes the terms and conditions under which you will provide us with information, rent dresses, shoes and accessories ("Product") and benefit from auxiliary services ("Services") from OUTFITFLOWS through the Website ("").

Before checking "Accept" or "Submit order" or before taking note of the terms of the "Agreement", please read this Agreement carefully. The terms and conditions may be modified from one use to another of our services. By checking "Accept" or "Submit order" or by signing the "Agreement", you agree to our terms and conditions and become a party to this contract, including the Website Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, check "I do not accept", do not place the order or do not sign the "Agreement". In this case, unfortunately, we cannot receive your order and we cannot rent the "Product". We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions; any change will apply to the rental of any Product, after the change date. This "Agreement" applies every time you use our services. This "Agreement" applies to one or more products, individualized in each order ("Product").

  1. General conditions

This "Agreement" contains all the terms and conditions applicable to the rental of products from OUTFITFLOWS through the Website. You agree that the use of the Website and our services are in accordance with the Terms and conditions of use of the Website available at and with the Privacy Policy also available at, which may be modified unilateral. No other form of the Terms and Conditions (preprinted or available in another form) is applicable to the rental.

You agree and understand that you are only renting the product and OUTFITFLOWS remains the owner of it every time. Our products can only be rented by people of legal age, who can pay for the service by card payment. By checking "I accept" or by signing the printed "Agreement", you certify that you are of legal age and that you are authorized to use the chosen payment method (including credit card) in order to rent the products described below.

The product . OUTFITFLOWS offers rental services of evening dresses, outfits or other clothing items signed by world-renowned designers and bags at prices up to 90% lower than in stores. You choose the model you want, the size and possibly the color.

The contract. This Agreement represents the contract between us and you, regarding the chosen product, under the conditions specified on the Website or in writing. This Agreement is completed with the information from your OUTFITFLOWS account regarding the identification data, the chosen products, the duration of the rental, as well as other relevant information. The language of this agreement is Romanian. The contract is communicated to you in written form by posting it in the footer of the Website or by handing a copy to the store. If there were errors when you entered the data, you can correct them in the My Account section.

  1. Rental price, Advance payment, Guarantee, Payment methods, Duration of rental, Cancellations

The rental price is displayed on the website, for each product. To this are added the delivery-return costs, as listed on the Website, at the end of the order (in the section Your basket). The total payment (consisting of the price for one or more products and delivery costs) is that of the final order.

Payment methods. Payment can be made by card. OUTFITFLOWS will charge your card with the "Rental Price" and issue you an invoice with the "Rental Price" as soon as you place the order. By placing the order for Products on the Website, you authorize us to debit your card with the amount representing the "Rental Price" and the Returnable Deposit after handing over the product, if it is not damaged.

By placing the order through the subscription option, we reserve the right to debit your card weekly for the subscription amount.

A reservation of a product (on the Website or in the store) represents an order, regardless of the date on which you want to use the product, it being necessary to make the payment.

Execution of the contract. The contract is concluded on the date of confirmation of the order, via email by OUTFITFLOWS. The order can be placed at any time. You choose the day you want the product to be delivered. If the delivery day is less than 14 working days away, you authorize us to execute the contract on the indicated date and waive the legal term of 14 working days for denunciation. If the delivery day is more than 14 working days away or if the product has not yet been delivered, you can cancel the order.

Unilateral termination of the contract. The consumer has the right to notify the merchant in writing that he is canceling the purchase, without penalties and without citing a reason, within 1 working day from receiving the product or, in the case of services, from concluding the contract.

Duration of the rental. The fixed duration of the rental is 7 days with the option of extension by subscription. If the "Product" is returned earlier, the "Rental Price" remains unchanged. The rental can be extended with additional costs. You choose the day and place where you want the product to be delivered.

  1. Our obligations to you

Delivery of products. We will deliver the "product" ordered, respecting the size, color and model chosen, on the date indicated by the order. The product may be slightly different in style and color than it appears in the photos on the Website or in the catalog. Our responsibility for the delivery of the ordered product is limited to the delivery on the date and place indicated by the order. In case of non-execution, we will fully refund the "Rental Price", if it has already been paid.

Return of unused product due to size. If the product is not the right size, you can return it within 24 hours from the date, by filling out the return form on the website or by contacting us by email or phone, as long as the product has not been worn and the seal is intact. In this case, we will return the full "Rental Price" (minus possible delivery-return costs) within 7 working days, by bank transfer.

Delivery "clean and ready to wear". Our products can be ordered and delivered the same day, in Cluj (for orders placed until 4:00 p.m.). For the other orders, the products will be delivered the day after the order was placed at the earliest, or it depends on the deadline displayed on the product detail page. The delivery method and delivery costs are chosen exclusively by OUTFITFLOWS. The product will be professionally cleaned and sanitized and delivered ready to wear. We ensure the cleaning and careful checking of the condition of each product. The use of the product is at your own risk and we are not responsible for health problems caused by the use of the product.

Product return. Upon delivery of the product, we will provide you with a product return label and return instructions (Return Package).

Services. On the Website and in the store, we offer various advisory services in choosing the product. The Services do not include guarantees regarding the final result.

OUTFITFLOWS responsibility. Guarantees and indemnities. The guarantees we give you can only be used by you and cannot be transferred or sold to another person. The guarantees granted are fully listed in this agreement. Our guarantees do not apply in case of breach by you of your obligations. The sole compensation and sole liability of OUTFITFLOWS for the violation of this agreement consists, at our choice, in the replacement, with reasonable commercial efforts, of the ordered product or in the return of the "Rental Costs", excluding the cost of delivery.

These guarantees are the only ones given. No other provisions, express or implied, written or oral (including warranties regarding sale, use for certain purposes or other infringements) regarding our products and services provide additional warranties.

Direct and indirect damages. In no case, OUTFITFLOWS (or its suppliers) is not liable to you or to a third party for special, incidental, indirect damages or for loss of profit or compensation, resulting from or related to our products, regardless of whether they are based on guarantees, contracts, tort liability, even if OUTFITFLOWS has been warned about these risks.

Use the products at your own risk. OUTFITFLOWS (or its suppliers) is responsible for the damages arising from this contract, from the products or services related to it, on the basis of guarantee, contract, injury, within the limit of the "Rental costs" related to this Agreement. You assume full and exclusive responsibility and liability for any damages caused by the use of the products during the rental.

The processing of personal data and confidentiality. The information note regarding the processing of personal data is displayed on the website, in the Privacy Policy section and directly in the OUTFITFLOWS store.

  1. Your obligations to us

Receiving the product. The product can be picked up from the store or delivered by courier, with hanger and personalized "OUTFITFLOWS". After delivery, you assume full responsibility for the product. If you opt for delivery by courier, you have the obligation to receive the product on the date and time indicated by you in the order. We recommend that you indicate a secure delivery address, where a person (you or another person indicated by the order) can physically pick up the product. In the event that an unsecured address is indicated, (the product being delivered without being picked up by a person) OUTFITFLOWS does not assume responsibility for products left unattended. Moreover, you assume the risk that not indicating a secure address may lead to delays or additional delivery costs, for which you are fully responsible.

Use of the product. You assume the obligation to use the product with great care, as if it were borrowed from a close friend. You are responsible for any loss, destruction or degradation caused by theft, mysterious disappearances, fire, significant stains (large, which cannot be cleaned) or any other than normal causes. Normal use covers minor stains, missing beads or stuck zippers. If you return a product that is more damaged than normal use implies, you agree that any repair costs will be charged to you and you will pay the cost of repairing or purchasing the product at the purchase value from us and specified as a comparable price on our website, so how we will bill you, determined by us relative to the retail value of the product. The cost of repairing/replacing the product can reach the value of the initial warranty of 100 lei or exceed this amount.

Product return. Lease extensions. You assume the obligation to return the product to OUTFITFLOWS in the Return Package on the return date indicated in the invoice related to your order. The product will be returned by the end of the day when the rental ends, together with the hanger, cover and/or jewelry box, marked "OUTFITFLOWS".

If you lose the Return Package, you assume the obligation to return the product at your cost on the return date and you will communicate a shipment identification number.

Late return. Penalty clause. If you return the product after the rental period, a "Delay Cost" will be debited from your card or you will be billed for each day of delay. The additional cost per day of delay is 40% of the "Rental Price", but not more than 100% of the "Product Catalog Price". "Delay costs" are calculated for each product in the order. If you have not returned the product within 20 days from the return deadline, we will determine a lack of return and you will owe 100% of the "Product catalog price displayed on our website". Any return after the 20-day period is sanctioned with 100% of the "Catalog price of the product displayed on our website". If you pay this amount, the product is yours, without any guarantee from OUTFITFLOWS.

Recovery of all costs . If you do not pay the amounts you owe us (Rental price, Delay costs, other amounts), we are forced to go through recovery procedures. Thus, we will charge you through legal procedures, all outstanding costs, including recovery fees.


  1. Access to services. Customer account

Access to the services is allowed to any person who has or creates an Account on the Website or who accesses the services in the Store. Access to the services is possible only by accepting the Rental Agreement and the Terms and Conditions for the Website, including the Privacy Policy.

Exclusion. We reserve the right to remove you from the customer list and to refuse you the rental of products in the future, in case of any violation of this Agreement.

E-mail. Newsletters and campaigns. By accepting this agreement or by signing it, you agree that OUTFITFLOWS will use the information entered on the Website or on written orders, including your email address. You agree to send you periodic information and promotional materials, such as newsletters, announcements, etc.

The data collected from you, for the purpose of sending newsletters, can and will be used by OUTFITFLOWS within the limits of the Privacy Policy.

Opting out of receiving newsletters can be done at any time by email via a message sent to the address or in the "My Account" section of the Website.

  1. Other clauses

This agreement, (including Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for the Website) constitutes the entire agreement between you and OUTFITFLOWS regarding the products in question and is the final, complete and exclusive expression of will, replacing all previous written and oral agreements regarding the subject concerned. Changes can only be made by OUTFITFLOWS. We reserve the right to terminate or modify this agreement at any time, for any reason, with notice to inform you of the reason for the termination or modification. Waiver of any term or condition, as well as any breach thereof, will not affect any other term or condition of this agreement. The agreement will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the provisions regarding the rental contract, provided in the Civil Code. Termination of this agreement will not relieve you of any related payment obligations. If any provision of this Agreement is declared illegal, unenforceable, or in conflict with any law by any authority having jurisdiction over this Agreement, the validity of the other sections or provisions of this document will remain in full force and effect. OUTFITFLOWS will not be liable for the impossibility of performing any of its above obligations due to force majeure.